We are a people that believe in our stuff, we love it or we hate it ... we use it or we only look at it ... we desire stuff and maybe we will someday get the stuff we want ... in the meantime we could borrow stuff from friends ... or even sell stuff to strangers, who ... like the same stuff as us. Our stuff matters to us, and Vootprint helps you with your stuff ... it's like a virtual footprint of all your stuff.

Vootprint MISSION

improve life by defining YOURSELF, live life by sharing YOURSELF.

Question: Wouldn't it be great if retailers knew your size, your preferences, heck even your location? Can you see a world where sharing things about yourself makes us a stronger society? Wouldn't it be awesome if we could stop using paper for such trivial things as catalogs? What if we didn't have to drive around looking for our sizes or our favorite brands? How can millions of people that control their data dictate how retailers actually use it?

​Answer: Vootprint


About ME

it's not how you live your life, it's how much stuff you have that matters.​


Creator of all things Vootprint.

Donald is crazy but he believes he can change the world. It may be hard, but Vootprint is a great way to start.