Define then share?

Yes, define your style, your passions, anything you want to catalog. Just scroll through a list and find the products you've purchased, then rate them and decide about sharing. Bam ... you're in charge of your data.

what's a vootprint?

See you have stuff, your clothes, your furniture, electronics, your Vootprint. This digital platform helps create a virtual footprint of you and your stuff ... it can be simple or easy ... that's up to you and what you want.

HMM, and my data?

It will be stored and encrypted. You will create an avatar associated to a number ... not a name ...
​and your personal password is protected. Also, all transactions are recorded for anti-fraud purposes.

vootprint Gets what?

Vootprint isn't in it for the money, although it will be a bi-product. The intent is for the Vooter's to be able to sell their own data mining. Vootprint will mine regional data allowing retailers to stock desired inventory.

Is it about the gov't?

Well, no but everything kind of is ... I will pay taxes if that's what you mean ... and you, you'll possibly get a tax write-off, possibly ... so I guess ...yes. You're confusing me .. it's a digital platform. Don't get paranoid with your data.

what is THIS SITE?

I created this site as a link to send voot-minded people to. I need help in my journey to change the world. Vooters will come here, and with their help, this conceptual digital platform will become a real digital platform.

Can you make pot pIE?

I have absolutely no idea how to make pot pie. However you could save your favorite recipes in the app ... you could create a chicken pot pie club, oh, and tell retailers about your favorite pan ... just saying.


I'm making it, it isn't real right now, but by using this website ... I hope to direct voot-minded people to investigate and invest ... time, resources and backing ... to help change the world of digital marketing.

get it, then what?

You answer a few basic questions ... your gender, your size, your style, your willingness to share data ... or, whether you'll except coupons, discounts or prepaid gift cards for your Vootprint. Then, just look for friends Vooting.