Hello AGAIN.

So, this is where I get all professional.
​I tell you what I really do and how I've been really doing it for a long time. Something to pay off this beautiful headshot ... right ... anyway if you're interested I'm not going to muddy the voot ... click on the link ... check out my site, https://www.vootprint.net/ ...or call me 804-869-4375, ​I'm legit I swear.

Vootprint vision

if WE build it, they will will tap IT.

STILL want more info

on me

i want to change the world ... vootprint is just the beginning.

This idea has been floating around for years. I've called it all kinds of things and I've had it in all kinds of formats. I've landed on a digital platform, because let's face it ... that's where we're going. Time has more value to us, convenience matters, we want more for less ... and we all want to live in a better world. Well I think I have a way we can start. It's all about communication, sharing, freedom, passions ... even discounts ... what if we all had a Vootprint. If retailers knew you they would stop printing catalogs ... save some trees ... right ... less driving around ... more time with family ... meet new friends ... grow your collection of flower frogs ... whatever your Vootprint is, be proud of it.