MY vootprint ...

I know you're dying to know.

I have everything I want.

My closet is bare, I wear the same clothes that I've worn for years, I really don't have a big vootprint. I have a couple cheap guitars, the regular amount of furniture, some electronics, and stuff ... I'm not a collector but I know quite a few ...  I'd use vootprint to remind myself what I have so I don't buy duplicates, upgrade guitars with someone locally, probably keep notifications on in case a retailer has my hard to find ... 33"/34" jeans in. Also I'd ask to see friends tools to borrow a chain saw. It would also be great to share some of the things that I don't need anymore, and document all these bad boys for insurance purposes. Keeping track of how long we've had our TV ... seems like a perfect way to get a new one, and anybody who knows me knows how I lose things. It'd be nice to really know what I have. That's what a vootprint would look like to me. What would your vootprint look like?