what is vootprint anyway?

Well, it actually doesn't exist ... yet. What it's going to be is a digital platform that catalogs your stuff for you. See you have a lot of stuff and some of it's good stuff and some of it's bad stuff ... you also have a lot of friends ... and they may want to borrow stuff from you ... heck you may want to borrow stuff from them. And don't get me started with the retailers. They don't know you, they're going to Paris and gambling on your likes and dislikes. What would happen if everyone you wanted to know knew you ... and you had the power over your data instead of leaving it to them? Vootprint creates a virtual footprint left by you in the world ... what you do with it and who you share it with is up to you.

It's about time that you take control of Your vootprint AND make them pay.​

still confused ...

It's really very simple. See, there are a few categories that come as defaults ... clothing, furniture, collections, electronics, and insurance. Again, these are defaults and can be removed or added to. Then by scrolling and selecting you choose the item you are defining ... then well define it ... it's color, what its made of and when you bought it. Then you'll rate it ... possibly put a price on it and you're done. It's like if you wear all Gap pants, have nothing with stripes in your closet, used only Sony electronics, purchased your bedroom suite 20 years ago, collect Barbie Dolls to sell on Ebay, have about $300,000 worth of belongings that you need to insure ... can you see the value that your data has?

Think how this will change the world of digital marketing. The retailers will know you. They can sell you things you like. They can manufacture things that are popular. They will see geographic trends. They'll know how long you hold onto things, and to get there ... they're encouraged to offer you discounts or pre-paid credit cards for insight into your preferred brand.